What are the eligibility requirements for ON?

ON is open to teams with at least one research employee from CSIRO, Australian universities or Australia's publicly funded research agencies (PFRA's). The research employee may be full time, part-time or casual employee of a PFRA.

Your team's representative who completes the application on our portal, must be from the eligible PFRA and must use their organisation's email address to register and create an account. We cannot accept applications from a generic email address such as gmail, live etc.This is to ensure that only those teams who meet our eligibility requirements can register.  

Australia's publicly funded research agencies include Australian universities and organisations such as CSIRO, AIMS and Geosciences Australia. if you're not sure if your organisation meets this definition, please email us on@csiro.au 

If your idea proposition is at Investment Readiness Level (IRL) Stage 3, you can apply directly for ON Accelerate without going through Prime, Connect or Launchcamp. 

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