What is ON Prime?

ON Prime is our entry level, part-time pre-accelerator that helps research teams validate their research and discover a real world application for it. We provide an opportunity to test paths for IP, know-how or tech through a process of customer discovery and market validation, and help unlock the entrepreneurial nous required to take work to the next level.

All teams who participate in ON Prime will have access to our experienced Facilitators and an 80+ strong ON Mentor network of business leaders and entrepreneurs who've been there and done it before.

[Music plays and an image appears of a rear and then facing view of Dr Retha Wiesner]

[Images flash through of dust swirling, a car travelling on a desert, scenes of women in an African village and Dr Retha Wiesner driving and text appears: Dr Retha Wiesner, WiRE Founder]

Dr Retha Wiesner: I grew up in Africa watching amazing strong women and their wonderful roles they play in community development.

[Image changes to show Retha standing outside a building and talking to the camera]

I think that’s probably what started it for me.

[Image changes to show Australian bushland and the camera pans to the left and then the image changes to show Retha exiting a car and walking into a building]

Since then I’ve developed and run programmes in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, to develop the entrepreneurial skill and trying to advance women in their own countries.

[Image changes to show two females in conversation and smiling and then the image changes to show Retha talking to the camera and then in conversation with the two females]

I’ve always received a great response and it’s a great feeling to see the roll-on effect and the difference it makes.

[Image changes to show a female sitting in bushland working on a laptop and then the camera zooms in on her hands on the keyboard and then on her face as she smiles in greeting]

When I moved to Australia 22 years ago, I found that in rural areas we’re facing very similar problems.

[Images move through of Retha sitting next to the female, an aerial view of scrubland, a rear view of Retha at an office desk and Retha in conversation and smiling with two females]

Many women feel unsupported in their entrepreneurial goals and very often fall into stereotypical roles purely because they don’t know how not to.

[Image changes to show Retha talking to the camera and then the image changes to show a female walking along a river bank and collecting a water sample]

I felt with my previous experience I could play a role in changing that.

[Camera zooms up to show the female’s face and then the image changes to show the female looking at the water sample in a plastic beaker]

The WiRE programme was developed to support rural women in their entrepreneurial goals.

[Image swaps between the female talking on the phone near the river and Retha talking on the phone in an office]

We created it with over 300 women in 15 locations throughout Queensland and we also held think tanks to find out how we can best support them.

[Image changes to show Retha standing outside a building talking to the camera and then the image changes to show a female placing a drone down on the ground by the side of a country road]

I won’t run a programme unless it has impact and the WiRE programme was a perfect opportunity to do just that.

[Images flash through of the female controlling the drone in operation, the path of the drone, Retha talking to the camera and the drone in operation again]

The idea was very well received but we found it very difficult to secure funding for this particular programme as opposed to some of the international programmes we were running.

[Image changes to show the female walking towards the drone and then the image changes to show Retha working on a computer]

With a view to develop the programme into the future we applied for the ON Prime programme powered by the CSIRO.

[Images move through of groups of people in conversation around tables and then the image changes to show an audience applauding]

It’s really helped us to develop our business plan and to determine how we’re going to move forward.

[Images flash through of Retha in various conversations with other females, various females at work in bushland settings and Retha smiling]

We conducted over 100 interviews as part of this programme and it really helped us to look into our enterprise, into our audience and also into our business plan. It really gave us the confidence to take the bull by the horns to find the funding we need.

[Image changes to show a rear view of Retha looking at a tree and then the image changes to show an aerial view looking down on bushland]

Now, there’s nothing holding us back.

[Music plays and text appears: The future is ON, powered by CSIRO, csiro.au/on]

ON Prime – The WiRES experience :  Hear from one of our amazing ON Tribe members, Dr Retha Wiersner from WiRES - who are now making real impact for women in rural communities because of the ON program.

What does participating in ON Prime involve?

ON embraces a get-out-of-the-building approach to learning, by encouraging hands-on, practical learning and business model development.

The commitment to ON Prime is approximately five face-to-face sessions (six days in total) and ten hours commitment per team member across eight weeks. In addition to this, each program culminates in a final 'Showcase' event that profiles teams and awards a finals winner.

Teams selected into ON Prime have the opportunity to earn up to $5,000 as performance bonus throughout the program. And the good news is, all IP and equity remains the property of the team or their sponsoring institute.

For each ON Prime round, several hubs will be delivered concurrently across Australia. Exact locations will be dependent on application demand and successful team home locations.

Key Days for 2019

Prime6 program

Applications open 4 February -  1 March 2019.
Prime6 program runs 6 May until 2 August 2019.

Prime7 program

Applications open 10 June -  7 July 2019.
Prime7 program runs 2 September until 22 November 2019

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