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Every day we work with some of Australia's most intelligent and inspiring women through ON to help them connect their science and research with the people who can adopt and apply it to tackle some of the biggest challenges of our time.

We know that when women help other women, great things can happen.

Our network is an organic, self organised community that is picking up pace as we meet more and more women across the country. Originally designed for the women of our ON Tribe, we are now accepting membership from any Australian Woman of Innovation.

We especially want to hear from those women who are interested in being a partner, mentor or Team Leader in an ON experience.

Already been through ON? Fab! You're one of us already. To get on the mailing list and receive your free WiN pin, please register .

WiN pins

Wear your pin with pride and encourage questions about its meaning. You'll find the explanation outlined on the pin's backing card that explains your role and our purpose.

What's with the pink pins? Well, we know that sometimes it's difficult identifying another woman like us in a crowded conference room or at an event. We also know that there are lots of missed opportunities to partner and share challenges along the way. So we created a WiN pin to help remove some basic barriers to finding other women and allies to meet and work with - at the flick of an eye!

WiN Book Club

"One must always be careful of books and what's inside them, for words have the power to change us" – Cassandra Clare

It's true and that's why we've created this very special Book Club for the amazing women in Australia's sci-tech innovation community.

We created 'WiN' - the Women in Innovation Book Club; a unique community where we can connect and support each other – develop our leadership and innovation skills – share stories, research, debates and conversation. More than just a discussion group, WiN is about focusing our efforts on practical action that can inspire, challenge and sometimes change us (or the world we work in)! February 6 saw the inaugural Bookclub meetup, where we heard from Dr Lois P. Frankel, New York Times bestseller and author of the much acclaimed 'Nice girls don't get the corner office.'

If you can't attend Book Club in person, don't worry – we'll organise an online session so you can participate from anywhere in Australia. In between meet-ups, you can engage with other participants through Twitter and SLACK.

What's the current book? – 'Presence' by Amy Cuddy

Amy Cuddy rose to fame in 2012 thanks to her TED Talk on "power posing". Presence is her follow up book that outlines her research around how our thoughts, behaviours, and physiology can help us be our boldest selves. 

Get your copy of the book which we encourage you to read, digest, dissect and come prepared to discuss at our next Book Club meet-up in November 2018 (specific date and location to be advised).

How does the WiN Book Club work?

We will gather once a quarter – in person for those who can make it or via Livestream or link-up for those unable to attend.

Because we're all about positive action that creates change (and a little bit of accountability doesn't go astray), we've engaged the expertise of Dr Zivit Inbar, ON Mentor and CEO of DifferenThinking to host and facilitate these meet-ups.

Zivit will apply her more than 15 years' expertise as a people and performance coach to (gently) encourage us to identify and implement the tools, tips and advice that resonate from our WiN Book Club 'reads' and (bit by bit) affect positive change in Australia's innovation community.

We can't wait to share a great book with great people and see the great things this community can make happen!

Want to get involved in WiN?

Please visit our registration page to join our mailing list.

"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." - Jane Goodall.

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