The Flinders University Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development and CSIRO Health & Biosecurity are working together to explore the potential of an under-utilised nutrient-rich Australian brown seaweed as a source of supplements for health and wellness markets, with a focus on Asia where acceptability of seaweed products is high and where Australian-sourced natural ingredients are prized.

NutriThick team members

NutriThick team members  ©CSIRO, Karl Schwerdtfeger

Our ability to isolate components of the seaweed enables us to formulate mixes of nutrients that meet consumer needs. Our initial goal is to develop a multi-mineral non-dairy drink containing seaweed ingredients and which supplies high levels of calcium, magnesium and other beneficial micronutrients.

Lead Institute

Flinders University


  • Wei Zhang
  • Peng Su
  • Rebecca Perry
  • Michael Conlon

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