Therapy using radiation on human skin cancer, is a proven, non-invasive treatment providing excellent local and long-term cancer control outcomes.

RadVet team members

RadVet team members  ©CSIRO, Karl Schwerdtfeger

Skin cancer is the most common non-melanoma skin cancer in horses, impacting on the equine industry which contributes $6.3 billion to the Australian economy per annum. Equally, skin cancer accounts for a third of the total cancer incidence in dogs and cats.

A standardised and effective treatment approach is non-existent globally. Research has shown that translation of Radiation Therapy for skin cancer in humans to the animal world, works. Our proposed approach to translating radiation therapy from humans to animals will challenge and enhance the current available treatment techniques with a scalable and adaptable alternative.

Lead Institute

The University of Newcastle


  • Yolanda Surjan
  • Chris Milross
  • David Lyall
  • Jenny Smart
  • Helen Warren-Forward

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