Observation of activity and catches on fishing vessels is expensive, dangerous and often not sufficient for good industry, environmental and economic management.

D-tech IT team members

D-tech IT team members  ©CSIRO, Karl Schwerdtfeger

This includes confirmation of what is caught, and the threatened species that are accidentally caught. Increasingly, on-board cameras (e-monitoring) are replacing human observers on vessels. Hours and hours of recordings are then viewed in the office by analysts.

This is expensive and inefficient, and even though 100 per cent of a fishing trip is recorded, typically 10 per cent of the footage is actually examined. Our solution to this problem is rapid, real-time event detection and species identification with automated video analysis.

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CSIRO, Oceans & Atmosphere


  • Geoff Tuck
  • Rich Little
  • Brenda Lin
  • Dadong Wang

Marine Visual Technologies: Visual detection solutions for sustainable fisheries

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