Many of the most fundamental, life governing biological processes take place at size and time scales that remain invisible with current technologies. This matters because understanding these processes could pave the way to new treatments, cures and development of novel drug therapies.

LuciGem team members

LuciGem team members  ©CSIRO, Karl Schwerdtfeger

We undertake this challenge by making the invisible, visible. Our solution will enable life-science researchers to push the technological boundaries and discover new breakthrough science. We make this possible with bright and stable nanometre scale diamond and ruby probes which perform ideally in live cellular environments – currently one of the main shortcomings of other probes available in biotechnology.

Lead Institute

Macquarie University


  • James Rabeau
  • Louise Brown
  • Varun Sreenivasan
  • Carlo Bradac
  • Ishan Das Rastogi

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