World-wide small–medium enterprise (SME) gold miners typically lose US$20 billion worth of gold annually and significant gold resources remain untapped.

Going For Gold team members

Going For Gold team members  ©CSIRO, Karl Schwerdtfeger

This is due to a confluence of challenges that relate to resource size, transport costs, stringent regulatory approvals processes, social and environmental constraints. The barriers to using the dangerous and hazardous chemical cyanide, the current industry standard, are also increasing.

We have a non-hazardous solution that overcomes all of these barriers which can unlock untapped resources and allows SME gold miners to recover the majority of their lost gold.

Lead Institute

CSIRO, Mineral Resources


  • Paul Breuer
  • Danielle Hewitt
  • Rueben Rajasingam
  • Jeff McCulloch
  • George Cameron-Dow
Going for Gold: Gold extraction reagents that don’t cost the Earth

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