Prevent Second Stroke The University of Newcastle Stroke can lead to serious consequences for those who survive in terms of physical and cognitive disability, psychological problems, and lower social participation affecting quality of life. Improving lifestyle and health risk behaviours (including reducing tobacco and alcohol use, increasing physical activity, improving diet quality, and reducing depression and anxiety) has the potential to significantly improve recovery, enhance quality of life, independent living, and lower risk of recurrent stroke. There is a striking lack of information for stroke survivors and their families about effective lifestyle strategies to help them improve recovery. This app addresses the health information needs stroke survivors.
Hybrid Functional Nanofibre Materials CSIRO Manufacturing To find support to produce these functional hybrid nanofibre materials at scale for use in environmental remediation. To take the TRL of our research from 2-3 to 5-6 for and expose the technologies to interested parties. To be able to take this functional hybrid material and take in from a research material to a material that is available for everyday use to obtain clean air and water.
Cerebro Biosystems Garvan Our idea is to drastically reduce the turnaround time for microbial infection diagnosis using real-time DNA sequencing and cloud-based analytics. Our process involves enriching microbial DNA from blood and loading it onto a nanopore sequencer. Nanopore sequencing generates data in real-time allowing DNA sequences to be analysed within minutes of starting sequencing. Leveraging this technology, we hope to provide a diagnostic tool capable of real-time identification of pathogens and their corresponding antimicrobial resistances. We hope to couple this with a platform that provides diagnostic alerts direct to treating clinicians which improves in accuracy as more of the sample is sequenced.
Fair Dinkum Batteries
CSIRO Energy Battery storage systems are an important, emerging tool in the global effort to increase renewable energy and mitigate climate change. Australia is an early leader in the deployment of both large-scale and small-scale battery systems, but battery systems are hindered by high costs and a lack of customer confidence in performance. Performance certification and labeling can provide confidence in the performance of cells manufactured by low-cost providers, enabling them to increase competition in the battery cell manufacturing business. Labeling can also provide greater transparency and confidence in the residential market, accelerating uptake of small-scale battery systems.
Magda Data 61 (CSIRO) Magda helps government agencies quickly and easily find, share and publish their datasets, so that the public can benefit from more effective and open policy-making and governance.
BrainFarm Project RMIT University The mission of BrainFarm is to make farming interesting again. This project enhances and enables collaboration, international engagement and skills development. It also provides investment into advanced manufacturing know how and a broad set of enabling technologies, and practices which farmers can adopt to improve productivity and competitiveness. The proposed interconnected swarm of robots using reliable technologies on a series of light, solar powered and self sufficient autonomous vehicles will work safely alongside humans to help improve agricultural efficiencies and boost crop yields, with benefits including reduced crop wastage, pesticide usage and energy consumption.

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