Iris Biomedical
The University of Western Australia Iris Biomedical is developing a multimodal diagnostic device to identify clinically relevant fetal distress during childbirth in order to prevent hypoxia, brain damage or death. Current competitors measure clinically less relevant parameters. Our device will allow objective decision making about the health of the baby and whether to proceed to c-section or not.
DeweyFish The University of Western Australia The lack of cataloguing scattered scientific data is wasting considerable amounts of research and development funding because of endless literature searching or duplicating existing experimentation. Collating and cataloguing experimental data is achieved by labour-intensive, poorly funded and financially unsustainable manual curation. Our software DeweyFish allows researchers, R&D and library staff to discover content, capture information and transform more data in less time. Our solution will cut the cost of generating and maintaining data collections preserving more resources for data analysis and innovation in the academic and commercial research sector.
Salutem Analytics Telethon Kids Institute Hospitals are challenged to combat pressure injuries (PIs). The prevalence of PIs among patients is 25 per cent. A median of 95,695 cases are diagnosed with PIs in Australia pa with a direct cost of $1.64 billion for treatments. Current PIs detection uses visual inspection mapped onto a categorical PI staged scale. This is a subjective method that can result in late PI detection only when visually present on the skin surface. A point of care objective digital technology named Scan2Detect is currently being developed by Salutem Analytics to identify early formation of PIs before they become visible on the skin surface.
People Analytics for all Australian Workplaces and Workers The University of Western Australia About 15 million Australians go to work every day. This defines our identity, wellbeing, income, among other. However, not all work experiences are created equal. Many people are disengaged from their work, which significantly affects organisational and economic success. Worse, the effect of work-related stress, burnout, and family conflict carry significant costs. We need to do better! We pair the science on work, people and organisations with modern analytics to enable the conscientious use of evidence so Australian's can better lead themselves and others. Our people analytics ecosystem provides diagnostic information and evidence-based advice to aid better work for all.
ARTAM - Meta-monitoring technology The University of Western Australia ARTAM creates value through improved decision processes, earlier proactive corrective actions, and enhanced operational effectiveness. 1. Earlier identification of pending problems along with reduced time to decision and action; 2. Reduction in interpretive stress load on control room staff, and engineers/analysts allowing current staff to handle real emergencies and alarms under less duress; 3. Significant expedition of the assessment process thereby cutting down risk exposure times; 4. Improved intervention planning and a reduction in unplanned intervention costs. (Unplanned intervention in unmanned platform developments is generally a high-cost activity especially the downtime impacts).
Sense-ational The University of Western Australia We have developed a cheap, reliable and rapid sensing device for the continuous on-site monitoring of water quality. Impact from urban runoff, industrial operations and agricultural areas can affect the quality of surface, ground, and marine waters, resulting in detrimental effects on animals and humans. Traditionally, environmental monitoring has involved collection of samples from the field followed by laboratory testing, which is expensive (labour + equipment), unreliable (risk of sample contamination), and slow (involves a long lag time between sampling and testing). Our new technology, which monitors at the source using sensors, enables early detection and rapid response.

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