Machine Learning Services Australian National University
We want to place people at the centre of the next digital revolution in workplace automation. Through our education tools, we want to put the power of machine learning in the hands on non-computer scientists and involve them in the creation of new technologies.
Team Prickles University of Canberra The Australian Prickly Pear fruit faces challenges associated with social misconception, and farm-to-plate distribution challenges. Currently the fruit goes to waste and consumers have difficulty reaching it! Our research has investigated ways to get this currently wasted food from the farm-to-supermarkets and to-consumers, without spoilage. Reintroduction of the fruit into Australia is supported by the reported health benefits, soon to be demonstrated in clinical trials at the University of Canberra. We are looking to gain knowledge in innovation and business to assist in ‘lifting-off’ products from the ground, under the motto- “If you can’t beat it, eat it” (unknown).
Earth Monitor System Australian National University Bushfires are one of the main natural hazards in Australia, which cause property damage and loss of human lives. The economic impact for insurance companies and governments is estimated in several hundreds of millions per year. Forecasting the event of fire is essential for mitigating the risks and managing the landscape. Satellite imagery provides a constant flow of high resolution imagery that can be used to identify the areas with a higher flammability index. This information, combined with the weather models, can be used to produce accurate forecasts on the conditions and the potential severity of bushfires.
The gMachine Australian National University Measuring the minute variations of Earth’s gravitational field is a unique, non-invasive and cost-effective way to collect information for exploration and related purposes. We specialize in the development of inertial quantum sensors and are planning to bring a portable and affordable absolute gravimeter to market that will allow a direct comparison between gravity data taken at any location and at any time. A sensor of this type offers vast potential for mineral, water and hydrocarbon exploration and earth sciences, and opens new markets in reservoir and CO2 deposit monitoring as well as GPS-denied navigation.

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