Li meng University of South Australia What if more people can enjoy affordable, fresh, reliable and easy obtained organic food. This study develops an online organic food purchasing system, which enables consumers to make informed purchase choices by knowing more about how the food is grown, transported and stored. By doing so, consumer’s preferences for high quality organic food could directly influence the growers of food, transporters and retailers to adopt innovative and sustainable methods of production and business practice. This enables supply and demand are better matched and the environment will be protected, and human health will be improved from safer and more sustainable food.
Cognitive therapies The University of Adelaide Our aim is to produce a Nootropic product comprised of a proprietary blend of cognitive enhancing compounds. Our vision is to allow cognitively challenged individuals to live a richer and fuller life while also enhancing the cognitive capacity of healthy individuals to aid them in their professional performance.
Acoustic positioning and navigation in GNSS denied environments RMIT University The acoustic positioning and navigation system relies on sound to navigate in GNSS denied environments like buildings, warehouses, and industrial plants. GNSS signals are prone to errors in indoor environments due to reflections, obscuration, or interference. The acoustic positioning and navigation system is inspired by echolocating animals like bats, which rely on sound to navigate as well as track their prey. This system has applications in navigation of automated vehicles, both ground and aerial, localisation of connected devices, as well as navigation for the visually impaired.
R-squared University of South Australia A great solution to make property market transparent and assist every market participant (prospective buyers, sellers, agents, property owners and tenants) to have the same level (or at least reasonable level) of knowledge. The platform will help sales (rent) price to be the fair market value, and there would be less participants trying to manipulate the market and take advantages from the lack of transparency. The platform could be a game changer in the property industry. The platform is not only financially viable, but also a good business for whole Australian community and governments.
SA Cancer Trials Network project University of South Australia This project will establish a best-practice cancer CTN, inclusive of an SCC, across all sites providing cancer treatment and care in SA bringing together public and private settings, and expanding to regional sites which are currently limited in their capacity to support clinical trials. This will be known as the South Australian Cancer Trials Network (SACTN). The SACTN will have an impact on clinical trial capacity and sustainability in SA that has not been achieved in this state to date. It will tie together multiple stakeholder groups, geographic regions, multiple health sectors, industry and end-users, and research infrastructure.
Regional and Remote Groundwater Assessments CSIRO Land & Water Regional groundwater assessments will identify new prospective water resources based on the current water security risk-profile. This provides great flexibility by: (i) providing an immediate rapid assessment of water resources proximal to current high-risk remote communities which addresses the most urgent problem, (ii) identifying new water resources for intermediate to low-risk communities,(iii) identifying new water resources for economic development by industry, and (iv) providing essential information to guide, optimise and prioritise long-term public and private planning and investment (5-8 years), based on risk. Initially CSIRO will focus on remote locations, with broader adaptability to other areas of Australia and internationally.

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