Bee Innovative is unlocking global agriculture by harnessing the superpower of pollination. Bee Innovative has developed BeeDar, a radar like sensor for bees which is able to identify, track and report bee pollination activity across the orchard and field in near real time. Bee Innovative then provides this critical information to farmers to help increase yield and value.

David Lyall standing next to Kate Lyall, both wearing their Bee Innovative branded shirts.

David and Kate Lyall  ©Homepix Photography P/L

Bee Innovative is also developing a real time biosecurity platform to protect Australian pollinated agriculture worth $6 Billion annually from Varroa destructor which has decimated honeybee populations around the world. Bee Innovative's frontline biosecurity platform includes BeeID, a facial recognition technology for bees.

Bee Innovative is passionate about increasing global food production and defending Australia from Varroa destructor, as Australia is the last country in the world free from Varroa.

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CSIRO Data61

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Kate Lyall
David Lyall

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