After taking out top honours at CSIRO's third ON Accelerate demo day – which included a paid scholarship to attend the prestigious Stanford University program in entrepreneurship - Silentium Defence CEO James Palmer has returned back home to Adelaide full of ideas learned from undertaking the Executive program for Growing Companies course.

Continuing their success, James and his co-founder and CTO, Simon Palumbo are beginning to see a groundswell of funding having already won $200,000 in State Government funding from their home state of South Australia; clear acknowledgement of Silentium Defence's incredible potential.

Their invention, a world-leading passive (or silent) radar, allows those with the technology to see without being seen, which is unlike conventional radar equipment that sends out a pulse to see while at the same time 'publishing' ones presence. Understandably, it's got people in the government and the defence industry talking.

The pair graduated from ON Accelerate in April, earlier this year, and were only one of ten teams to be accepted into the third cohort of CSIRO's ON Accelerate program, which teaches entrepreneurs how to identify and engage their core markets and how to develop an effective business model.

"At the heart of the program is customer understanding," Dr Palmer said.

"Learning how to engage with customers has really changed my thinking in terms of how to communicate our research and development," he said.

Mr Palmer admits that while he and his co-founder Simon Palumbo have great expertise in their respective fields, they lacked the actual business know-how to make their technology innovation a success.

"We are engineers, that's our training, and we didn't have the business expertise and skills", Mr Palmer said.

"The CSIRO ON program actually gave us the tools to better understand our customers as well as putting all of the meat around that to make a business", he said.

Mr Palmer believes that while Australia has always been good at innovating, it's in the commercialisation of those innovations where we have stumbled.

"What the ON program is doing is seeking to change that and I really do feel like it's having an impact", he said.

If you have as big as an idea as James and Simon's that's ready to breakthrough or you know someone who does, enter an application into ON Accelerate 4.

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