“Quit bein’ a girl!”

This was the rather surprising finish to one of Dr. Lois Frankel’s stories about her career coaching experience. But far from advising her female client to act like a man, she was teaching her how to be an empowered woman.

This story was part of her speech at the inaugural Women in Innovation Network (WiN) Bookclub meeting on Tuesday morning, which features Dr. Frankel’s book ‘Nice Girls (Still) Don’t Get the Corner Office’ as our first title.

Dr. Frankel joined the nearly 100 attendees via video from the US. Her frank and fearless (even funny at times) address was engaging and inspiring, as she covered a range of topics from what makes a leader, the difference between management and leadership, and how women need to recognise and work with the different rules that unconsciously exist for men and women if they are to take leadership in their fields of excellence.

As well as highlighting the mistakes she repeatedly sees women making in the workplace, she also shared her thoughts on why women are naturally good leaders – pointing out that many of us do it without calling ourselves leaders – and her top 10 tips for women in the workplace.

Dr. Frankel is a trained counselling psychologist, who is known for her long standing research career and coaching experience. Her talk was a great introduction to the book, and the audience was keen to ask questions. It was a good indicator of the interesting discussions we’re sure to have at the next meeting!

If you’re interested in reading ‘Nice Girls (Still) Don’t Get the Corner Office’ and in joining the conversation, sign up for our next meeting on May 1st.

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Danielle Hewitt, ON Alumni and attendee in Sydney said, “‏Thanks for a great morning ON WiN Book Club! It was great to hear from Dr Lois Frankel - can't wait to read her book…and discuss…at our next meeting!”

Ann Jackson said, “An excellent index for aspiring executives and leaders to pursue further. Well worth the time today.”

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