Good news for all potential ON Prime applicants – the application window has been extended! The closing date is now Friday 20 July, 8pm AEST.

We’ve received an influx of requests for an extension, due to school holidays and the busy time of the year, so we have updated the closing date for ON Prime5 applications. We’ll also open up the platform so that those teams who have already submitted applications can go in and make final tweaks.

Why apply for ON Prime?

No matter where you are in your research journey, there’s something to learn and explore through our hands-on and practical ON Prime program. ON Prime participants report increased confidence in themselves, their work, and their ability to explain why it matters to others.  

This is a critical part of reaching impact, and we’re the experts to help you learn how. With ON Prime, we help your research team validate your research with real customer groups, while giving you practical tools to apply in any situation. You’ll be supported by experienced Facilitators and an 80+ strong ON Mentor network of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

And the good news is, the program is completely free for teams and all IP and equity remains the property of the team or their sponsoring institute!

Like sands through the hour glass…

Just because we’ve given you an extension doesn’t mean you should wait until the last minute – get your application in now!

We’re excited to see your wonderful ideas come through and welcome you to ON Prime5.

What are you waiting for? Apply now!

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