For something you can’t see, wind can have a big impact on the world around us.

It’s also had a big impact on the lives of the Diffuse Energy team, who graduated from the most recent ON Accelerate cohort and are now on a new and exciting path.

Diffuse Energy produce small wind turbines with big results. An idea like this, with the skills from the ON Accelerate program behind it, has the potential to make huge world impact.

“Nothing [else] has ever completely changed the way I think about things in such a short time,” said James Bradley of Diffuse Energy about ON Accelerate.

The Diffuse Energy team had previously been through the ON Prime program and wanted to take their research to the next level by continuing their ON journey through Accelerate.

“[ON Accelerate] does two things; quickly breaks down barriers to success, and completely changes the way you see opportunity in research outcomes.”

One of the elements that sets ON Accelerate apart from other programs is its network of Australia’s leading innovation Mentors and Facilitators. Each and every one of them has extensive experience in deep-tech and entrepreneurship to draw on to support teams through their journey. This support stands out as one of the biggest benefits for Bradley.

“The huge, and growing, network of support that we have built around ourselves throughout the program. We can now easily reach out and get really solid advice on any barrier we run into. Another important takeaway is the confidence to reach out directly to highly influential people. So far we haven't encountered anyone who isn't willing to pass on knowledge or advice,” he said.

Bradley describes his experience through ON Accelerate as “transformative”, and is quick to recommend other apply for it.

“Absolutely! I think you need to be flexible to take on new ideas and put yourself out there a bit, but if you are, it could really change your life. That might sound a little over the top, but the path of each [member] of our team is completely different to where we thought we'd be 9 months ago. Oh, and by the way, we had a stack of fun doing it as well.”

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