We're thrilled to announce the first 39 teams that have made it through to the national sci-tech pre-accelerator, ON Prime.

With ideas ranging from an electronic nose to improve boarder security measures to a non-invasive test to improve IVF success rates in Australia – the calibre of ideas and appetite for entry into ON Prime has been overwhelming.

"We knew the big ideas were out there, but the response from across the research sector has blown us away," said Liza Noonan, Executive Manager, Innovation at CSIRO.

"The impact these ideas will have on the everyday lives of Australians and our economic, social, and environmental prosperity is goose-bump generating stuff.

"Most exciting though is the role we can play in connecting these teams with the mentors, customers and commercialisation experts who can help convert their big ideas to real-world impact at pace.

"We kicked off in Canberra on 20 September and Sydney on 22 September. Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane get underway from 27 September with packed rooms and our five fantastic new facilitators on board for delivery.

"Thanks to our University partners and others who have referred teams through or supported their applications. We can’t wait to see the breakthroughs that come from this round of ON Prime."

Some of the big ideas that will be fast-tracked through ON Prime include:

  • An acoustic-belt that listens to, records and analyses gut noises to aid more accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or other gastrointestinal conditions
  • A new tool for winemakers that captures and interprets historical, real-time and forecast data to help improve decision making and increase wine quality and crop outputs across the $300bn wine industry
  • New contrast imaging technology that improves X-ray image sensitivity and quality and allows doctors to 'see the invisible' in tumours and soft-tissue while reducing the radiation dose for patients
  • An empathy simulator that allows high-quality, cost effective virtual training of health and aged care workers to improve communication skills and empathy
  • New processes for apple juice producers to reduce or reuse the by-products of juice manufacture to create new food-products and markets while reducing landfill and greenhouse gas-emissions.

ON Prime is a part-time pre-accelerator experience (eight weeks in total) designed to arm researchers with the skills and relationships they need to validate their big science and technology ideas, not just in the lab, but in the marketplace.

When applications opened in August the response was fantastic with more than 160 entries received and 39 teams successful in gaining a place in the program. Teams from 17 Australian universities and CSIRO made up the positions with researchers matched to one of more than 60 specialist mentors from commercialisation, industry or research backgrounds.

For the full list of big ideas and teams that made it into this Cohort visit Current cohort

To keep up to date with all their progress, pivots and growing potential follow us on Twitter @ONaccelerator

Finally - if you have a big idea that's ready to breakthrough or you know someone who does, applications for our next program - ON Accelerate 3 - open at 12pm AEST, 4 October 2016. Register your interest here and spread the word. Bring it ON!

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