One of the great things about ON is the quality mentoring offered to participants. You will benefit from sound, real world advice from people who have been there before. We are fortunate to have a number of high calibre mentors, with experience spanning business, fundraising and tech, signed up and ready to steer your research to success. And no need to worry—they have all signed non-disclosure agreements, so your ideas are safe with ON.

Martin Duursma - Technology business leader

Martin is a technology business leader with a track record of success, a history of developing next generation products and considerable commercial experience. From developing a commercial vision, to establishing a strategy, from motivating teams, to developing leaders, and managing large scale programs, budgets and distributed team environments, Martin’s areas of expertise are world-class.

Zivit Inbar - People and performance expert

An Adjunct Professor in the MBA Program at Deakin University, Zivit is a non-executive director, senior executive, advisory board member and acting chair with over 15 years’ leadership experience at board and executive levels. Her expertise lies in people and performance within the field of technology VC's and start-ups.

Ruth Marshall - Start-up advisor

As Director and COO of Performance Assurance Pty Ltd, her third start-up initiative, Ruth's 20 years of experience in Information Technology and start-ups has lead her to provide advisory services to NICTA (now Data61) on spin-out strategy. Ruth's experience also spans running a US start-up and engineering operations in Australia and the US, as well as Director of Operations within the telecommunications industry.

Joe Allen - Entrepreneur

Joe is an experienced entrepreneur and startup mentor. He has supported over 250 tech startups in his Entrepreneur Development role at UNSW and is the Co-Founder of Ramen Life , a startup community management platform.

Andrew Lamble - Corporate finance specialist

Andrew is an entrepreneur with a background in accounting, corporate finance and strategy. The co-founder and leader of Envizi - an energy and sustainability software provider – he has also sat on the boards of various not-for-profits and ICT companies.

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Andrew Lamble: I decided to get involved with the ON programme

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because I’d been through a period of seven or eight years of doing this, of starting a business and working to try to make that business work.

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I think we did it reasonably well but I wanted to learn more about it. 

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So for me it’s been a two-way street. 

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I’ve learnt a lot from the programme but I think I’ve also brought some experience and some grey hair that’s really helped the younger people and the scientists who don’t think as commercially as perhaps myself with a commercial background. 

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It gives them an opportunity to see the other side of research, the other side of innovation and technology and to see the scientists embracing that has been a pleasure to watch. 

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Having the ON programme is critical because there is so much going on in Australia around innovation and there is so much opportunity for us to create new industries and new export revenue for the country and CSIRO are embracing that and innovation is going to allow us to play on that global stage.

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Andrew Lamble, ON mentor

Grant Downie - Entrepreneur

After a career with some of Australia’s largest corporates, Grant first set up as an independent adviser in 2007 and began staging entrepreneurial and startup events in 2010. Through international collaboration partnerships, Grant identified and brought Launch48, a weekend business launch format, and the Startup Leadership Program, to Australia. With sensitivity to the creativity and customer passion required in start ups, he brings simple structures like Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas to support the rapid growth of dynamic and successful companies.

Allira Hudson-Gofers - IP Specialist

Allira is a Senior Associate with Shelston IP, specialising in the provision of intellectual property advice. Her technical expertise spans a range of engineering-related sectors, including: agriculture, building construction; manufacturing, robotics and control systems; and sustainable technologies. Allira also has a keen interest in healthcare, acquiring expertise in product development and regulatory approval of medical devices while working with Cochlear and complements this practical experience with significant patent experience in this technology area. In addition, Allira is currently completing an MBA and utilises this acquired knowledge to provide commercially relevant support to each of her clients.

Sherman Mak - Disruptionist

Sherman has made a career out of challenging the conventional wisdom. In his capacity as a corporate and investment strategist with a thirst for disruption, Sherman advises governments, South East Asia's largest technology and health companies, and the world’s largest vertically integrated agribusiness conglomerates, as well as Asian private family wealth offices.

Stuart Waite - Start-up advisor

Stuart is a start-up investor, advisor and digital transformation expert. Focused on the strategic direction and delivery of innovative products to a multitude of platforms across Mobile, Web, TV and the Internet of Things, he’s incredibly switched ON.

Alistair Muir - Entrepreneur and Business Leader

Alistair is an Entrepreneur and business leader with experience in bringing innovative digital products to market in a diverse range of industries. He is the Founder of and advisor to multiple technology based start-ups in sectors such as fintech, insurance and analytics. Alistair is a passionate advocate of the ON program and loves working with teams to bring truly world-class, high impact innovations from the lab to market.

Karl Lijun QIN - Entrepreneur

Karl has extensive experience in manufacturing and international trade. In 2007 Karl founded TDES a company focused on production with world leading technology. Karl is also a sessional lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Macquarie University.

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